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Welcome to the Fall 2012 Semester,

Welcome to the Fall 2012 Semester,

Big changes.

This semester will mark our 14th year of teaching at the Hurinenko & Paquet Studio.  We have greatly enjoyed both teaching together and the multitude of students who have studied with us. 

Life and lease issues have brought us to move in our separate directions, and we look forward to new possibilities. 

It has been a great run. 

If you have been interested in taking a class with us, this is your chance!  We look forward to a great final semester.  We have been so fortunate to work with all of you and we thank you for that opportunity.

See you at the easel,

Thank You!
If you have any questions please call us: (651) 224-2975

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Class Descriptions

Flemish/Dutch Portrait Painting

The focus of the class will be the study of indirect methods of oil painting as exemplified by the Italian, Flemish and Dutch masters. This class will involve bistre and grisaille underpainting and glazing techniques. Learn about inner luminosity, textural differences, and atmospheric effects.
Wednesdays 9:00-Noon
Instructor: Jeff Hurinenko

Flemish/Dutch Still Life Painting

Study the techniques which made it possible for the Dutch and Flemish masters to elevate common-place objects into great works of art. The delicate balance between value and color, luminosity and atmosphere will be emphasized through the use of controlled underpaintings and subtle glazing techniques.
Wednesday 1:00-4:00
Instructor: Jeff Hurinenko

Figure Drawing

Getting to the essence and character is a vital starting point for any work of art. Speed with accuracy will be stressed. Focus will be on making good decisions, quickly, to capture the spirit of the figure.
Wednesday 6:00-9:00 pm (evenings)
Instructor: Joseph Paquet

Studio Painting

Take your work to another level. This course will focus on crafting studio works from studies or photos. Understand what makes a fully-rounded conception of a painting. Emphasis will be placed on practical pictorial construction and memory training.
Thursday 6:00-9:00 pm (evenings)
Instructor: Joseph Paquet

Class Schedule
Wednesday Thursday
9:00 - Noon
Flemish/Dutch Portrait Painting
Cost: $693
Includes model fee, limited to 10 students
Instructor: Jeff Hurinenko
No Class
Flemish/Dutch Still Life Painting
$637 13 weeks
Instructor: Jeff Hurinenko
No Class
Figure Drawing
$505 9 weeks
*includes Model Fee
Instructor: Joseph Paquet
Studio Painting
$450 9 weeks
Joseph Paquet


First Day of Class
No class
Thanksgiving - No class
Last Day of Class

Wed Sept. 5
Wed Oct. 24
Wed Nov. 21
Wed Dec. 12

Class Policies

Classes will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Class Registration

Class registration may be done over the phone, accompanied by payment via the mail. The deadline for registration and payment will be prior to the first day of the term.


Make the check or money orders payable to Hurinenko & Paquet Studio. Note the classes you are taking in the memo.


If a class is cancelled for any reason, there will be a full refund of your tuition. We reserve the right to use a substitute instructor if necessary. If you decide to cancel a class(es), we will refund your tuition payment, provided you notify us 2 weeks prior to the inception of the term. After this date no refunds will be given, but you may apply your tuition to another class within the current term. Also, there is no refund or credit given for any absences which occur in the course of the term.

Classroom Etiquette
All Students will be expected to respect the following:

  • Keep classroom areas clean and neat
  • Keep conversation to a minimum within the class studio
  • No cellular phones in class, beepers on vibrate only
  • No incoming personal phone calls taken during class hours

To Download all this information and a registration form click here.

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